What the Heck is Burrows Insiders?

It's a team of people who love my books and want to be involved. 

Wait. What do you mean by "involved"?

Burrows Insiders get my monthly newsletter, Reading Rebels, and they get special Burrows Insider newsletters. The Insider newsletters tell them when my next book is coming out and how to get advance e-copies. They read the book before anyone else, before the launch date even, and add a star rating or review comments to the book pages on retail sites. More than that, they share news about my book and appearances on Twitter, Facebooks, and other social media or in person events.

That seems like a lot of work.

First, know that I'm not a "fast" writer. I put out one book every year or two. Sometimes I might put out a shorter work in-between books. I am not a book a month or even a book a quarter type of writer.

Second, I will offer images and taglines you can use but it's up to you. All I ask is that you add a star rating or review comments to at least one book seller site. After that, it's as much or as little as you can or want to do.

Remember, five stars doesn't mean perfect. It means you liked it enough you want to read the next book. 

Review comments can be brief. In your own words, say what you liked. If you didn't like something, mention that, too. I want honesty, not puff pieces. Write it like you're talking to a friend.

Is that all?

Yes, except to be a part of the excitement you have to sign up below. After you sign up you'll get a short series of emails welcoming you to the group. Go ahead, sign up below.